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Alcraft Motor Company is a new vehicle engineering and design business for a new mobility landscape.

We’re developing technologies and vehicles to meet the growing demands of a market in which customers want vehicles to be both sustainable and fun, bespoke yet affordable, cutting edge but traditionally crafted.

We aren’t in the business of me-too products. We’re creating vehicles to delight customers, which they want as much as need, and which provide the experience and exclusivity the major carmakers don’t.


We’re a British business. Proud of Britain’s automotive heritage and skill base, from its engineering ingenuity, through cutting-edge design credentials and innovation, to its global leadership in low-volume and luxury vehicles. And proud to have working for us people who have been recognised from a Queen’s Award for Industry to an OBE, and to have led both the UK car industry’s trade bodies and the world’s leading low-volume car brand.


We’re committed to sustainability but we’re also passionate about cars. We want to create vehicles and systems which dramatically reduce the impact of motoring on our planet while at the same time increasing the pleasure of driving and mobility. And our sustainability ethos is about more than the environment. It’s about value creation – a long-term view, creating new jobs and making a difference socially as well as economically..


We’re providing something different. We’re design-led, and our cars will offer completely original styling inside and out. They will not merely be rare – we’re aiming to create new niches, bringing together the exotic with everyday usability and versatility. They will be luxurious but lightweight, fast but focused on dynamics, individually crafted but underpinned by the latest technologies. This combination makes us unique.

passionate about sustainable, dynamic motoring


With its partners, Alcraft Motor Company is developing British-engineered electric powertrains and electric vehicle platforms, including British-designed motors and bespoke battery packs and electronics, for use in both our own vehicles and potentially in other products and applications.

We’re focusing on vehicles with electric powertrains, but where necessary are developing supplementary hybrid systems to achieve the optimum balance between reducing environmental impact and the practical considerations of performance and range.

Our solutions draw on the British engineering tradition of minimising weight and maximising efficiency to enhance performance – an ethos perfectly suited to electric vehicles.

These technologies are being developed to provide desirable low-volume vehicles which meet premium, niche-market requirements – combining exciting dynamics and fun with the inherent simplicity and liberating experience offered by electric powertrains.


Design is at the heart of Alcraft Motor Company. We believe that it’s an integral component of a vehicle - form following function. And electric vehicles now offer the opportunity for designers to rethink the conventional form of the car, without the need to accommodate bulky engines and transmissions.

From Morgan to the Mini and the Land Rover Defender to the London bus, Britain has long produced innovative and distinctive automotive designs. That’s why we partnered with the London’s Royal College of Art, which runs the world’s foremost vehicle design course. And it’s why our designers have all graduated from there or have since been affiliated with it.

Our lead designers have worked for some of the world’s most emotive car brands, bringing heritage into contemporary products. They’ve also designed luxury watches and boats. They are now developing a design language for Alcraft’s own products which will reflect both the contemporary nature of hi-tech, sustainable future mobility and the traditional and timeless virtues of British design.



Alcraft Motor Company is developing a range of exciting electric vehicles and also applying its engineering and design skills to existing road cars.

  • Electric GT

    Alcraft Motor company is bringing to production an electric sports GT car with very high performance and exceptional handling, developed
  • Premium Compact Electric Car

    In addition to the introduction of the GT car, a compact battery-only car is also planned. The driving characteristics and
  • Bespoke Services

    Our combination of cutting-edge design and technology with traditional craftsmanship means that we are able to create uniquely personalised versions


Our people have accolades including a Queen’s Award for Industry and an OBE, have led the UK’s foremost automotive industry trade bodies, have held senior positions with automotive companies ranging from heritage brands to global corporations, and have worked closely with the company behind the world’s highest-selling electric car.

David Alcraft

Managing Director
David is leading the effort to establish an independent car design, development and manufacturing business founded on British design and engineering. He has a strong track record in building British businesses, most recently having grown his medical firm into a multinational organisation, and twice being given the Queen’s Award for Industry. David is also passionate about classic cars and owner of a substantial classic car image archive.

Bill McCue

Head of Finance
Bill’s has extremely extensive experience including roles as COO, FD and IT Director in sectors ranging from engineering to banking. He operates across the business spectrum, but specialises in developing companies’ finance and support systems to underpin business growth and value. He was a key member of the team which built and sold David Alcraft’s multinational medical business, and is leading Alcraft Motor Company’s financial and funding strategy.

Christopher Macgowan

Christopher is one of the automotive industry’s best-known figures, having been CEO of both its key trade bodies, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders and the Retail Motor Industry Federation. He was made an OBE in 2008. He is a member of the RAC Foundation Public Policy Committee and is a powerful advocate of the UK as a global automotive operating centre. Christopher guides Alcraft Motor Company on strategic governance.

Yvonne Farnsworth

Administration Executive
Yvonne is an experienced administrator with accounting skills who has worked with David Alcraft over a long period, helping him build his last, multinational business. She was previously an assistant branch manager for Lloyds Bank, before leaving to establish a successful security, entertainment and phone systems business which was sold to Chubb. Yvonne is the initial contact point at Alcraft.

Mark Carbery

Brand & Marketing Director
Mark has 25 years’ experience of motor industry communications. He has been central to the successful launches of two completely new car brands - Lexus and Daewoo - and as Director of Communications Northern Europe for Michelin was responsible for launching its last Formula 1 programme. He has also worked in product planning and development. Mark is Alcraft’s marketing, brand and communications contact.


Matthew Humphries

Head of Design
Matthew is formerly Head of Design at Morgan Cars, where he modernised the company’s design capabilities. He created the hydrogen fuel-cell Life Car, Aeromax, Plus 8, Eva GT, Supersports and Aero Coupe, and reinvented the iconic Morgan three-wheeler. He now also designs and produces watches, and is a senior vehicle design tutor at London’s world-renowned Royal College of Art. Matthew leads the development of Alcraft Motor Company’s design language.

Charles Morgan

Charles is synonymous with the cherished British carmaker Morgan, where he spent almost 30 years. As well as roles as Strategy Director and MD he drove its adoption of new technologies, including aluminium and electric powertrains. He was on the Executive Board of the SMMT from 2005-14, and is a member of the Automotive Council Technology Advisory Board and SMMT Forum. Charles is Alcraft Motor Company's principal adviser.

people and partners with a cutting-edge record

David's Story

Alcraft Motor Company founder David Alcraft’s path to the electric vehicle highway has not been straight or conventional. He’s a former pharmacist and chairman and CEO of several businesses in the pharmaceuticals, biotech and healthcare fields.

Medicine to electric vehicles? Well, he does have a track record of developing products and taking them to production. And he’s built successful businesses from scratch. But the two things inspiring him to build an electric vehicle business are steam and vodka – both natural but with transformative properties.

He loves vintage and classic cars, which is where the steam comes in. On discovering that steam cars were setting speed records at the turn of the 20th century his curiosity was piqued. He managed to get a ride in a Stanley which had reached 127mph in 1906, and became a sponsor of Don Wales’ successful attempt to set a new steam car speed record of 148mph in 2009. But he had other ideas forming…

Realising that electric vehicles have the same phenomenal, instant torque characteristics as steam cars – but without the rather inconvenient need for a boiler, a water supply and a condenser - he turned his mind to starting an electric vehicle business.

But not without first taking a good hard look at vodka – specifically Grey Goose vodka and its founder, Sidney Frank. Frank, like David, started a new business after he had ‘retired’. He conceived Grey Goose at the age of 78, creating a product with a distinct identity, and sold it in 2004 for $2bn and becoming a great philanthropist.

“I admire Sidney Frank’s attitude to business – a clear vision and an innovative approach to create and dominate a niche. The new enabling technologies and changing attitudes in how people want to enjoy mobility open up that niche. My aim is to build such a company, offering distinctive products and creating jobs. And having fun of course.”



Delta Motorsport is an automotive and motor sport engineering solutions provider which has successfully transferred cutting-edge skills necessary for international motor sport into the road vehicle sector. It has consulted extensively for both Formula 1 teams and car manufacturers. The company offers a multi-disciplined skill set encompassing full vehicle design, mechanical and electronic systems development, aerodynamics consultancy, vehicle build and project management, and it has extensive low-carbon expertise ranging from the development of electric motors to hydrogen power.

Royal College Of Art

The Royal College of Art, in London’s Knightsbridge, is a globally renowned institution, and its Vehicle Design programme is the world’s leading centre for vehicle design education and research. Its graduates can be found working in the design departments of every mainstream car manufacturer, which even send their staff to the RCA for further development during their careers. Its MA programme ensures that students all experience working with vehicle manufacturers during the course. Recent collaborations have been with Audi, Bentley, Citroen, Jaguar, Kia and Alcraft Motor.