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Alcraft Flexible EV Platform to Underpin Three Models

Alcraft Motor Company has announced that it is developing its own flexible platform – an electric vehicle ‘skateboard’ which can underpin a line-up of distinct products for different customers.

These range from the previously announced GT to an out-and-out sports cars and a larger and more luxurious model capable of carrying four adults and their luggage. Each model will be extremely dynamic but will also offer exceptional practicality and usability, be beautifully conceived and draw on classic British design traditions.

For the GT the skateboard will offer ultra-competitive power density and four-wheel drive, resulting a 0-62mph time of around 3.8 seconds. Just as importantly, a weight of less than 1750kg – approximately 75% that of a Tesla Model S – will combine with cutting-edge chassis systems to give outstanding handling.

The platform is being developed in collaboration with a new engineering partner, globally known and a leader in battery technology, with a powerful track record in F1, specialist and ultra-high performance cars, and electric-powertrain prestigious production cars.

“Ours is a unique approach among specialist OEMs, making us extremely attractive to both investors and customers,” says David Alcraft, Chairman of Alcraft Motor.

“The flexibility of the platform means that although we have a common platform and battery pack the models can be very different in character, purpose and size. However, all will have the Alcraft DNA of addictively dynamic performance combined with the ability to be used on a daily basis. And although this strategy means we can produce slightly higher volumes the cars will be highly bespoke will remain very special.”