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Alcraft Motor Builds Scale Model of Electric GT

Development of Alcraft Motor Company’s dramatic electric GT is now well advanced, and with the exterior design signed off in late October the company has commissioned the build of a 33% scale model for verification of the surfaces.

The model, made of high-density foam, has given the team its first opportunity to view the design as a physical 3D object – and it passed the test with flying colours.

“Although we model the car as a 3D object through the design process, using specialist vehicle design software, building a physical model is still a vital process for stress-testing the design from all angles and with different light sources,” says Head of Design Matthew Humphries.

“This can highlight any surfaces or interactions that haven’t worked quite as we intended, but I was really pleased with how successfully the design translated from the digital to the physical.

“It worked exactly as it should have done from all angles, and as it’s been designed with the necessary legislative requirements factored in I’d expect us to make only small changes as the development of the car progresses.”