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What an incredible-looking car… I’m aching to have this thing go into production. The world needs more cars like the Alcraft GT.

Financial Times – How To Spend It

The UK is also the base of an ambitious start-up called the Alcraft Motor Company… Lithe and muscular bodywork…


Top Gear

Britain’s made a 600bhp electric shooting brake. Looks lovely…


Daily Express

Is this Britain’s Tesla killer? Awesome UK-built electric car boasts huge range… Its looks are incredibly striking…


The Sun

New British car set to challenge Tesla… Stunning… Striking design…


Road & Track

No direct competitor in sight… British design indeed.


Car Throttle

A gorgeous shooting brake you’ll want in your fantasy garage… This is one we’d rather like to see become a reality.


Motor Authority

May we say it looks lovely… It’s attempting to bring sex appeal to the electric car… Stunning sheet metal…